MRR Ohio Legislation Updates: December 4, 2015 – December 17, 2015


Notes from the House of Representatives:

  • H.B. No. 403 was introduced regarding the financing of capital improvement projects in this state by another state or a political subdivision of another state
  • H.B. No. 407 was introduced to require law enforcement agencies that use body cameras to adopt written policies for operation of the cameras and to require agencies to make the adopted policies available to the public
  • H.B. No. 207 was passed by the House, to allow a state fund employer to have a workers’ compensation claim that is likely to be subrogated by a third party paid from the surplus fund account in the state insurance fund rather than charged to the employer’s experience
  • The House approved the Senate’s amendments to H.B. No. 259, which regulates certificates of insurance prepared or issued to verify the existence of property or casualty insurance coverage, updates prompt payment requirements, and requires the administrator of Workers’ Compensation to reduce the transfer of negative experience to a successor employer under certain circumstances
  • The House approved the Senate’s amendments to H.B. No. 340, which extends the operation of the Local Government Innovation Council until December 31, 2019, and modifies political subdivision eligibility for the Local Government Safety Capital Grant Program
  • The House approved the Senate’s amendments to H.B. No. 56, which prohibits public employers from including on an employment application any question concerning the criminal background of the applicant, prohibits a felony conviction from being used against an officer or employee when a public employer is undertaking certain employment practices, unless the conviction occurs while the officer or employee is employed in the civil service, removes the bar against sealing a conviction record when the victim is 16 or 17 years old, and provides that certain independent providers are not employees of the state or a political subdivision
  • H.B. No. 413 was introduced to add to the purposes for which a board of township trustees may go into executive session, to permit a township to charge for recycling services, to reduce the population threshold for a township to adopt a limited home rule form of government, to authorize a township to purchase, lease, or provide underwater rescue and recovery equipment for fire and rescue purposes, to authorize boards of township trustees to pay for group life insurance for any employee, to make other changes to the township laws, to allow taxing units to use the proceeds of a fire, police, or emergency services tax levy to pay costs related to the service for which the tax is levied, and to expand the public infrastructure improvements townships, municipal corporations, and counties may pay for using money from their public improvement tax increment equivalent funds
  • H.B. No. 415 was introduced to create the business linked deposit program, to permit credit unions to participate in that program, to permit credit unions to participate in the agricultural linked deposit program, and to make other changes to the linked deposit law
  • H.B. No. 416 was introduced to enable state colleges and universities to establish joint self-insurance pools

Notes from the Senate:

  • S. B. No. 250 was introduced to prohibit community schools from using state moneys to pay for advertising, recruiting, or promotional materials
  • S. B. No. 251 was introduced to regulate the use of drones for gathering evidence and information by law enforcement officers in Ohio
  • The Senate approved the House’s amendments to S.B. No. 223, which makes changes to the health coverage benefit limits and coverage exclusions for life and health insurance guaranty associations, amends the law relating to reinsurance contracts, updates prompt payment requirements, and makes changes to the effective date of a provision relating to subrogation

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