MRR Ohio Legislation Updates: September 16 – October 1, 2015

Notes from the House of Representatives:

  • H.B. 334 was introduced to amend O.R.C. §§ 1901.20 and 1907.02 and enact section 4511.072 to specify the jurisdiction of municipal and county courts over municipal traffic ordinances and to establish requirements governing fines, fees, or other charges for traffic violations and infractions imposed by a municipal corporation that does not have authority to establish a mayor’s court. (Introduced 9-22-15)

Notes from the Senate:

  • H.B. 180 was referred to the Committee on Government Oversight and Reform. H.B. 180 would enact O.R.C. § 9.49 and repeal sections 153.013 and 5525.26 to prohibit a public authority from requiring a contractor to employ a certain percentage of individuals from the geographic area for a construction or professional design of a public improvement. (Referred to committee 9-17-15)
  • S.J.R. 3 was referred to the Committee on Finance. S.J.R. 3 would enact section 2t of Article VIII of the Constitution of the State of Ohio to permit issuance of general obligation bonds to fund sewer and water capital improvements. (Referred to committee 9-17-15)
  • H.B. 210 was referred to the Committee on State and Local Government. S.B. 210 would amend O.R.C. § 5575.01 to increase the monetary threshold above which competitive bidding is required for township road, construction, repair or maintenance projects. It would also increase the monetary threshold above which a force assessment is required for a township road project. (Referred to committee 9-17-15)

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