MRR Ohio Legislation Updates: November 18 – December 1, 2016

Notes from the House of Representatives

  • SUB HB No. 520 passed upon third consideration to revise the law governing the state’s public retirement systems.
  • HB No. 620 was introduced to increase the taxable wage base under the Unemployment Compensation Law, to temporarily freeze the maximum amount of weekly unemployment benefits a claimant may receive, to revise the amount of dependent unemployment benefits a claimant may receive, and to make other changes to Ohio’s Unemployment Compensation Law.
  • HB No. 476 was passed on third consideration to prohibit a state agency from contracting with a company that is boycotting Israel or disinvesting from Israel.

Notes from the Senate

  • SB No. 367 was introduced to revise the laws governing the state’s workforce development system, programs that may be offered by primary and secondary schools, and certificates of qualification for employment.
  • SB No. 371 was introduced to prohibit prosecuting attorneys of counties with a population of 400,001 or more from engaging in the private practice of law.
  • SB No. 322 was passed upon third consideration to require the Ohio peace officer training commission to develop and conduct a chief of police training course for newly appointed chiefs of police appointed on or after January 1, 2017, and to require newly appointed chiefs of police of villages, cities, and townships to attend the training course within six months of appointment as a chief of police.

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