Doug Holthus: FMLA Leave Must Run Concurrently With Other Forms of Paid Leave

Doug’s article was recently featured in Ohio Association of Civil Trial Attorneys (OACTA’s) 2019 Spring Quarterly Review :

U.S. Department of Labor: Opinion Letter / March 18, 2019: FMLA Leave Must Run Concurrently With Other Forms of Paid Leave.

Ah, the halcyon days of youth:

“I’m just a bill; yes, I’m only a bill, and if they vote for me on Capitol Hill, well then I’m off to the White House where I’ll wait in a line with a lot of other bills for the president to sign; and if he signs me, then I’ll be a law. How I hope and pray that he will, but today I am still just a bill.”

However, with the benefit of twelve years of primary education, four years of undergraduate studies (unless you were one of those fortunate few who permitted themselves a “Victory Lap”), six semesters of law school, a tedious, three day exam and so many years of practice, we realize the lyricist may have missed at least one additional stanza … unless, of course, that stanza was sacrificed as a compromise during Committee hearings:

“I’m now a law, yes I’m finally a law, and I thought I held the power of voice. But no one cared to tell me I’d be subject to interpretation and caprice and now there’s a letter from the Department Secretary; and if he decides what it is I’m really s’posed to mean then the winds of change may carry my voice away” …

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