MRR Ohio Legislative Updates: May 6 – May 19, 2016

Notes from the House of Representatives

  • Sub. HB No. 523 was passed upon third consideration to authorize the use of marijuana for medical purposes and to establish the Medical Marijuana Control Program.
  • Am. HB No. 375 was passed upon third consideration to authorize townships to require the removal of snow and ice from sidewalks abutting property and to impose a fine for failure to do so.
  • HB No. 559 was introduced to grant qualified civil immunity to certain medical providers who provide emergency medical services as a result of a disaster or mass hazard; to provide that any loss of a chance of recovery or survival by itself is not an injury, death, or loss for which damages may be recovered; to provide civil immunity to certain medical providers regarding the discharge of a patient with a mental condition that threatens the safety of the patient or others; and to require that governmental agencies that receive peer review committee records maintain their confidentiality.
  • HB No. 560 was introduced regarding verification of community school enrollments.
  • HB No. 562 was introduced to authorize local governments and officers to deliver certain notices by ordinary mail and electronically instead of by certified mail.
  • HB No. 563 was introduced to provide for payments to municipalities or school districts for their lost income tax revenue after a business lays off 50 or more employees within their jurisdiction.
  • HB No. 568 was introduced to create a generally uniform definition of employee for specified labor laws, to create a uniform standard to determine whether an individual performing services for an employer is an employee of that employer, and to regulate the payment of wages via payroll card.
  • Sub. SB No. 215 was passed upon third consideration to grant a person immunity from civil liability for any damage resulting from the forcible entry of a motor vehicle for the purpose of removing a minor or an animal from the vehicle because the minor or the animal is in imminent danger of suffering harm.
  • Sub. HB No. 130 was passed upon third consideration to create the DataOhio Board, to specify requirements for posting public records online, to require the Auditor of State to adopt rules regarding a uniform accounting system for public offices, to establish an online catalog of public data at, to establish the Local Government Information Exchange Grant Program, and to make an appropriation.
  • Am. HB No. 423 was passed upon third consideration to specify that an order for active military service or other documentation regarding the call to order of an individual in the Armed Forces of the United States or the Ohio organized militia is not a public record for a period of time.

Notes from the Senate

  • Sub. HB No. 5 was passed upon third consideration to conduct feasibility studies regarding the efficiency of local public offices and state agencies, to authorize the Auditor of State to establish a shared equipment service agreement program among state agencies and political subdivisions, and to specify that a state agency or political subdivision that uses the loaned equipment may assume potential liability for its use.
  • Sub. HB No. 166 was passed upon third consideration to make changes to the law governing community improvement corporations, the administration of property taxes, and the functions of county auditors.
  • SB No. 273 was passed upon third consideration to enact the Corporate Governance Annual Disclosure Act, was considered the third time.

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