MRR Ohio Legislation Updates: February 12, 2016 – February 25, 2016


Notes from the House of Representatives:

  • H.B. 460 was introduced to prohibit the state, a political subdivision, and any official, agent, or employee of any state or local government agency from knowingly enforcing or attempting to enforce any federal statute or regulation regarding a firearm
  • H.B. 462 was introduced to authorize specified political subdivisions to establish a joint police district, to modify the membership of a joint police district governing body, and to provide immunity from civil liability to a peace officer who administers naloxone to a person who is apparently experiencing an opioid-related overdose
  • H.B. 463 was introduced to establish expedited actions to foreclose mortgages on vacant and abandoned residential properties, to permit private selling officers to conduct judicial and execution sales of real property, to state the intent of the General Assembly regarding mortgage foreclosure actions, to revise the Commercial Paper Law relating to mortgages and lost instruments, and to make other changes relative to foreclosure actions
  • H.B. 317 was passed upon third consideration to enable the parents or guardian of a protected consumer to freeze that consumer’s credit to protect the consumer from identity theft
  • H.B. 473 was introduced to require voter approval before a county may levy a new utilities services tax, to allow small businesses to count employees of related or affiliated entities towards satisfying the employment criteria of the business investment tax credit, to permit a bad debt refund for cigarette and tobacco product excise taxes paid when a purchaser fails to pay a dealer for the cigarettes or tobacco products and the unpaid amount is charged off as uncollecible by the dealer, and to allow vendors to receive a refund of sales taxes remitted for bad debts on private label credit cards when the debt is charged off as uncollectible by the credit card lender
  • Sub. H.B. 240 was passed upon third consideration to define the legal residence of a dead person for purposes of the body’s disposal; to recognize that coroners include medical examiners; to change the qualifications for holding office as a coroner of a charter county; to require, under certain conditions, and to authorize, under other conditions, supplemental compensation for coroners who are forensic pathologists; to revise how the office of coroner is filled when a vacancy cannot be filled by election or appointment; to specify the disposition of a firearm when a person meets death under certain circumstances; to specify who pays for the autopsy of an inmate of a state correctional facility; and to make other changes to the coroners’ law.

Notes from the Senate:

  • S.B. 181 was passed upon third consideration to prescribe the fiduciary duties of corporate and limited liability company officers, to specify that officers are not required for limited liability companies, to permit a written waiver or elimination of the fiduciary duties of limited liability company members, managers, or officers, to clarify when a limited liability company manager’s or officer’s duties can be the same as a member’s duties, to declare the of the Limited Liability Company Law generally to give maximum effect to freedom of contract, and to make other changes regarding corporations and limited liability companies

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