MRR Ohio Legislation Updates: January 15, 2016 – January 27, 2016

Notes from the House of Representatives:

  • H.B. 435 was introduced to authorize the Treasurer of State to issue revenue obligations of the state for the purpose of making loans to qualifying public entities for their acquisition of permanent improvements through the Treasurer of State’s purchase of public obligations of those qualifying entities
  • Sub H.B. 166 was amended and passed upon third consideration to amend and repeal certain responsibilities of county auditors
  • H.B. 437 was introduced to require every law enforcement agency to adopt a written policy that requires an investigation into a death resulting from the actions of a law enforcement officer employed by the law enforcement agency and to require the investigation to be conducted by at least two law enforcement officers who are not employed by a law enforcement agency that employs any law enforcement officer involved in the officer-involved death

Notes from the Senate:

  • S.B. 17 passed upon third consideration to provide civil immunity for architects, contractors, engineers, surveyors, and tradespersons providing volunteer services during a declared emergency
  • S.B. 266 was introduced to clarify the circumstances under which a political party may appoint a person to fill a vacancy in certain county elective offices.

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