MRR’s Rapid Response & Crisis Management team is ready to respond immediately when the serious loss occurs.

Our Rapid Response & Crisis Management team provides comprehensive services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether the circumstance involves a significant accident, fire, explosion, or chemical release, the first hours after such an event are critical from a liability management standpoint. We work with our clients at every step to address the issues that may arise as a result of industrial accidents, personal injuries or other catastrophes.

When additional counseling or consulting services are required, our Rapid Response Team has the experience and relationships necessary to marshal the appropriate resources and maximize the success of the overall emergency response effort.

Having handled numerous emergency response incidents for our clients, our Emergency Response Team has developed highly effective strategies for addressing the vast array of issues that often arise, including:

  • Emergency response protocol
  • Manage communication with regulatory agencies
  • Interface with the media, or
  • Provide advice in anticipation of litigation, we have the technical and legal resources necessary to help our clients tailor their response actions to the given emergency situation

Threats to your organization are real and evolving. When you choose to partner with MRR you are giving your business the edge to survive and thrive.

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