MRR’s Todd Raskin & Cara Wright Win Defense Verdict on Behalf of Nurse Practitioner

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On Tuesday, March 31, 2015,  Todd M. Raskin and Cara M. Wright of MRR obtained a defense verdict in a wrongful death medical negligence claim against a certified nurse practitioner who provided medical care and treatment to the Plaintiff’s deceased mother-in-law (decedent) at an area nursing home. The Plaintiff had alleged that the care and treatment provided by the certified nurse practitioner fell below the standard of care and caused his mother-in-law to experience dehydration which resulted in Digoxin toxicity (a condition marked by elevated blood serum levels of a medication utilized to treat atrial fibrillation and other clinical symptoms) and caused her death.

During the seven-day trial, MRR presented evidence that the care provided by the certified nurse practitioner met or exceeded the standard of care. Indeed, the evidence shown at trial demonstrated that the certified nurse practitioner performed physical examinations of the decedent on five separate occasions and responded appropriately to 12 telephone calls or requests for assistance from the RNs and LPNs employed by the nursing home during the decedent’s 13-day stay at the nursing home. Two physicians and an RN/Nursing Home Administrator with a Ph.D. in Health Policy testified that the care provided by the certified nurse practitioner was exemplary and well exceeded the standard of care.

MRR’s Raskin and Wright further produced evidence that demonstrated that the decedent did not die of dehydration or Digoxin toxicity. Instead, the testimony of five expert witnesses, including two of the decedent’s own treating physicians, demonstrated that the decedent died of post-obstructive pneumonia as a result of the decedent’s Stage IV lung cancer. These witnesses consistently testified that, while the decedent had lab values of Digoxin above the recommended therapeutic range, the decedent did not demonstrate any of the signs or symptoms exclusively associated with Digoxin toxicity. Furthermore, the witnesses indicated that her non-specific symptoms (anorexia, nausea, fatigue and weakness) were more likely caused by her recurrent post-obstructive pneumonia, particularly since those symptoms persisted after the antidote for Digoxin toxicity was administered.

Following deliberations, the jury returned a verdict in favor of the defense and found that the Plaintiff had failed to meet his burden to prove that the care provided for his deceased mother-in-law by the certified nurse practitioner fell below the applicable standard of care.

Solon Chamber of Commerce features MRR in April 2015 – Member Spotlight


The Solon Chamber of Commerce features Mazanec, Raskin & Ryder in its April 2015 Member Spotlight.

Joe Nicholas, President and Managing Partner, says, “The thing we like best about being in Solon is that it lends itself to all areas of Northeast Ohio. We are situated at a great mid-point for most of our firm’s local and regional business activity. Solon, in particular, and Northeast Ohio in general, is also home to so many diverse businesses, innovators, and leaders in their respective fields and industries. The greatest value we have found from being a Chamber member is networking and connecting with our area’s talented and innovative business leaders….”

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MRR’s Joseph F. Nicholas, Jr. Appointed Your House Counsel’s First Group Chair

Joseph NicholasYour House Counsel®, the national consortium of highly regarded insurance and corporate liability insurance defense law firms, announced today that Joseph F. Nicholas, Jr., President and Managing Partner of Mazanec, Raskin & Ryder Co., L.P.A., will become the organization’s first Group Chair, a newly created position.

“Joe and his law firm represent what Your House Counsel® is all about,” said Howard S. Shafer, President and Founder of Your House Counsel® which currently has over thirty member law firms across the country. “The skills, energy and reputation for servicing that Joe brings to the Group Chair position will serve YHC well in our marketing and engagement programs,” Mr. Shafer added, referencing the position’s primary areas of focus.

“I am delighted and honored to have been selected as YHC’s first Group Chair,” Mr. Nicholas said. “From the first day that our firm joined Your House Counsel®,” Mr. Nicholas continued, “we’ve seen it as a critically important way to meaningfully expand the firm’s awareness among prospects beyond our own market. But of equal importance are the advantages YHC has given us to interact with and learn from our fellow Your House Counsel® member firms.”

The appointment of Joe Nicholas as YHC’s first Group Chair, “marks a turning point in the organization’s history,” Mr. Shafer said, adding, “We’ve grown substantially over the last few years, adding new member firms and new clients.” With the addition of a Group Chair, says Mr. Shafer, “Your House Counsel® is assured that our growth, reputation and abilities to service clients on a national basis will continue and expand.”

Your House Counsel® is based in New York, NY, and has member firms in 28 states.

MRR Article: The Paper Trail To Success

By Neil S. Sarkar, Esq.

Employers, take heed: Good documentation practices pay off!

But you’ve heard this before, haven’t you? And perhaps the following thoughts have crossed your mind: “The lawyers tell me to document my policies, practices, employees and every darn thing. Easy for them to say! They don’t know how hard that is when I have one thousand other things to do for my business. I will do it later. Why should I do it at all?”

Then the lawsuit comes. What kind of lawsuit is it going to be? ….Click here for the full article.

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MRR joins The Cleveland Foodbank in Harvest for Hunger campaign, March 9-27

MRR is proud to join The Cleveland Foodbank’sHarvest for Hunger campaign this year. Harvest for Hunger is an annual awareness campaign aimed at fighting hunger in 21 of Ohio’s counties. MRR will be collecting dry goods and monetary donations in order to reach the firm’s goal through a variety of FUNdraising activities between March 9 and March 27, 2015.  If you would like to learn more about The Cleveland Foodbank’s Harvest for Hunger campaign or how to donate, visit

Harvest for Hunger